October 10, 2012

Surf Party

A few months ago, I was contacted to plan a first birthday party.  The client was very specific in that she wanted the party of have a surf theme-not ocean, not beach, but surf.  After all, the baby boy comes from a long line of surfers (his grandfather is even one of the founders of one of Virginia Beach's biggest surf shops!), so a surf party was a pretty obvious choice!
The mommy/client found a fabric online that she adored.  I decided to make runners for the tables out of it and designed the rest of the decor to coordinate with it.
pardon the windswept runner!

I was also responsible for the food for the party.  The menu included: Surf's up Pasta Salad, Chicken Salad Crabwiches, a Beach Ball Fruit Pizza, Catch a Wave Chip and Dip, Mondo Mallows (marshmallow pops), and Paddle Out Pebbles (Fruity Pebble surfboards).

My client wanted to give out surfboard and swim trunk cookies as favors, so I tried my hand at some cookie making/decorating.  I can definitely admit that I have some room to grow, but I was kind of excited at how my novice batch turned out.

So there it is...another party in the books (and another happy client!).  Now on to get started on the next one:)

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