October 12, 2012

Pack it Up

As the temperatures fell this past weekend, it became abundantly clear that it was time to switch over the boys' closets.  I knew we had a ton of 6-9monthish boys clothes stored away, but in order to fit them into Levi's closet, we had to first do something with his newborn/3monthish stuff.
And that's when the tears began to form...not big boo hoo, sob type tears, but just a little drop in my eye here and there.  And even though I knew it was slightly irrational and even though I know it's just clothes, there are so many memories...of both boys...in those clothes.
Obviously, I went through the same process a couple of years ago when I first put them away after Colton had used them.  But all along I pretty much knew we would have another child to wear them one day.
This time, though, we have both decided we are done.  Honestly, if I could bypass the whole pregnancy part, and maybe even the first 3-6 months, I would have a bajillion kids.  But you can't do that...and plus they're pretty darn expensive...and we've been amazingly blessed to have 2 healthy, happy little ones in our lives, so why press our luck, ya know?
So as I packed up the clothes this time, it was with the knowledge that they would be forever leaving our presence (we are giving them to a girl at Josh's office who just had her first child in case you're curious)...that no child of mine will ever wear them again.  Aside from the sentimentality, then, linked to some of those outfits, there was also the portion of me that is sad to see that our boys are growing up and our days of having a "baby" in the house are quickly drawing to a close.
Levi in a classic circa 3 monthsish
I don't know if I'm heading for that moment when I beg someone to hold their baby...just to get that feeling for a minute.  I kindof doubt it, and honestly hope not, but I will miss these days...and the darn cute clothes my boys wore for them!

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