September 27, 2012

Leggings, Tunics,and Boots...Oh My!

As I've started visualizing my fall wardrobe, I have visions of this...
Or this:
Or maybe even this:
Notice a common trend?  I am totally obsessed with this look and have compiled the following shopping list.
1.  Flats---preferably leopard-print
2.  Boots---these are Frye, which I am totally loving, but I doubt my husband would love the $300+ price tag (!)...anybody have a recommendation for a good knock off?
3.  Some cute scarves
And then lots and lots of tunics/oversized shirts and leggings.  But here's where I get a little confused...are those leggings?  Or are they skinny jeans?  Either way, does anyone have a good pair to recommend because whenever I try these things on, it doesn't seem to accurately get the look.  
Anybody else digging this look too?  Or any other Fall necessities I should add to my list?

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