September 28, 2012

{Dear Weekend}

Here you are, and trust me, I love you so.  But I think this love affair may be causing me some issues.  You see, weekend, your arrival, in and of itself, should not be justified as a special occasion.  I tend to do that, and then I make HORRIBLE eating decisions for the 2.5 days.  And then the absolute worst part is that I get on the scale on Monday morning to find that the 2 pounds I had lost by diligently watching what I eat throughout the week is now back on...freaking lovely. you come around again, I am 1000% determined to not let you get the best of me.  Don't get me wrong...I will enjoy you.  But when we go out to dinner and I order that beer, I will also order something half-way healthy to eat with it.  And when Josh asks if I want to breakfast and/or lunch out, I will agree in moderation and only order something light.  And when I step on the scale on Monday morning, I will find that I have, at least, maintained any progress I have made this week.

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