October 1, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

As a typical boy (from what I've been told), Colton has always been slightly slow in developing his verbal abilities.  It was always clear that he understood everything, but it took until recently for us to start hearing that he did.  But now that he has started stringing together phrases and sentences, the fun has begun.  Just listening to what comes out of his mouth provides at least one cute/funny/scratch-your-head moment a day.
Take this moment from this past weekend.  As I've mentioned before, Colton LOVES playing on my iPad.  While we try to restrict him to playing some of the learning apps, he has also discovered Angry Birds and is totally obsessed with it.  My mom shares his obsession and recently bought him a long-sleeve Angry Birds shirt for the fall.  Earlier this week, Colton spotted the shirt in his closet and asked to wear it.  I explained to him that it was too warm for the shirt, but that I promised on the first long-sleeve day he could wear it.  Fast forward to Saturday night...I'm getting Colton changed to go out to dinner for the night.  He was wearing his short sleeve Elmo shirt (at his insistence from earlier in the day) and wanted to keep wearing it.  I explained to him that it was too cold for short sleeves and that he needed to wear long sleeves.  He immediately looked at me, said "tweet tweet shirt, tweet tweet shirt," hopped off the couch, and ran to his closet to pick out the Angry Birds shirt.  I barely remembered even making the promise, but I guess in his little two-year-old brain, it was darn important!
At another point, I put him in his time out chair for his standard cool down period.  Attached to his chair is a kitchen timer, and I usually set it for a minute.  Colton is allowed to get up when the timer beeps.  On this instance, though, I set Colton in his chair and as I turned my back to him, he proudly said "beep beep beep."  I turned around to see the biggest smirk on his little face.  It took everything I had not to laugh (ok I actually laughed, but I turned my back so he couldn't see).  
As much fun as it was to watch the boys take on new physical skills, both Josh and I have agreed that the talking may be even cuter.  Having conversations with a 2 year old is constant entertainment!

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