August 14, 2012


Colton definitely takes after his mom in a lot of departments, including the fact that when we like something, we really like it.  Colton's latest obsession is the iPad...obsession as in he asks to play it as soon as he wakes up, walk in the door, or basically any time we are home.

But here's the thing.  Although I try to limit it somewhat, I honestly kind of let him at it.  It's pretty freaking amazing how much that thing teaches my kid.  I figure there are a lot worse things he can be doing with his time, and considering how active he is 99.9% of the time, it's actually a nice change of pace to have him sitting calmly!  Is this wrong?
Considering most of what Colton plays with is educational (to some extent), I figured it may be fun to share with you our (and when I say our, I really mean his cause I have totally lost my iPad to a toddler)favorite apps:

  1. Elmo Loves ABCs: By far, Colton's favorite app.  He used to listen to the different versions of the ABC song about a bajillion times a day.  Now, he has moved on to tracing the letters and then watching videos of things that start with that letter.  There's also a fun game where the kids are supposed to find things that start with each sound...he plays it, but at this point, I think it's more luck when he gets something right!  
  2. Interactive Alphabet: This one's more like flashcards where it says the letter and then the kids can move things for each letter. ***I'm not saying my child is a genius or anything, but he does already identify most of his letters, and I seriously credit the above two apps most for his accomplishment!***  
  3. Holiday Draw Galore: This one is basically just coloring, but Colton could spend hours doing it!  It does say the colors when they switch colors,  so I'm thinking it had something to do with his color knowledge (again, not saying he's a genius, but he does know his colors)
  4. Baby TV: There's three free "shows" (they're each about a minute or so long), and that's all Colton watches on there.  He's memorized them.  I see him counting along with the number one, clapping his hands/stomping his feet/shouting "ray" along with "If You're Happy...", and getting down off his chair to turn around with the "Hokey Pokey."
  5. Mickey Mouse's Road Rally: Colton loves "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," so I figured he would love this app where he gets to interact with Mickey.  I was right!
  6. Wheels on the Bus HD: Another good one based on the song (one of Colton's favorites) where the kids open and shut the doors, move the wipers, etc.  But it also has a few good surprises like the fish on the bus and stuff, which totally delights Colty!
  7. Angry Birds: OK totally not educational, BUT he loves it!  He still hasn't figured out that the birds are actually supposed to launch forward (he shoots his backwards), but it keeps him entertained.                                                                                 

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