August 13, 2012

Needy McNeederson

See this sweet face?

Yeip, that's my baby boy. And I love that boy with all that I am, but we've got a little problem. This boy is a momma's boy to the umpteenth degree. It was really sweet at first, but now it's becoming an issue.

He hears my voice...he cries for me to come get him.

He's playing on the floor and crawls where he can't see me...he cries.

I leave the room for a second to get something...he cries.

Josh is holding him and I walk by...he cries.

You're getting the point, right? Y'all I literally hid from him last week for a few minutes...which actually worked...until Josh called and I answered the phone...he heard my voice and that was it. Tears again.

I don't know what to do about it, so I'm coming to you all for help! I've done some research and I guess this could technically be the start of a "separation anxiety" stage (something I never experienced with Colton), but he doesn't really do it when I drop him off at the babysitting room at the gym or at night, which seems like much more likely times to experience anxiety if that's the actual culprit. Or maybe he is teething? In either case, then, is this something temporary?

I guess the better question would be how do we make it something temporary? Do I just leave him crying (that seems so mean!)?

If anyone has any experience, please fill me in!

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