August 9, 2012

Newspaper Themed Gender Reveal Party

A couple months ago I was contacted to plan a gender reveal party.  I couldn't have been more excited for a  couple of reasons: 1. gender reveal parties may just be my all-time favorite kind of party (and that's saying a lot!), but I just love the collective anticipation and pure happiness surrounding such a special moment, 2. this party was actually for my brother and sister-in-law who are expecting their first child, so I was pretty personally vested!
While I loved my own Gender Reveal Party last year (you can revisit it here if you want), I wanted to make sure this one was a little different since some of the guests were the same at both.  I came up with the idea of using newspaper as the inspiration with the eventual revealing of "he or she?" being the headline.  I created an invitation:
And then ran with the newspaper/pink/blue theme.  I created a simple banner with it, adding in some onesies for fun (the middle pink/blue one says OR on it although you really can't see that in the picture).
To complete their mantle look, I crafted some ribbon topiaries (in pink and blue of course) and then put them in terra cotta pots that I had mod podged newspaper on to.

I also used newspaper as the table coverings on both tables...the food table and cupcake table.
Speaking of the cupcake table, I wanted to do something with old wives' tales as both a decoration and conversation piece.  I polled my sister-in-law before the party to get her answers and then printed them out on newspaper.  If her answer meant the baby would be a girl, I put a bow under it, and if the answer meant boy, I put a mustache.
As you can see from this whole shot, the results were overwhelmingly in favor a baby girl (8-3 to be exact!):
As you can probably see in that shot, I also put out a pink and blue onesie with a couple of fabric markers for guest to mark their vote.
As for food, I decided to go with a baby-sized theme and serve all miniature version of some classic favorites: mini wedge salads, mini fruit pizzas, macaroni and cheese cupcakes, BBQ sliders, muffin pan pizzas, and taco cups.  

I forgot to mention the food table decorations earlier, so I guess this is a good time.  You probably noticed the tissue paper poms clustered above the table, but I also created miniature ones that I put in vases.  The vases, though, were actually baby food jars (cleaned out of course!) that had either been dipped in pink or blue paint.  I wish I had gotten a close up of them because they were actually pretty darn cute!
And after all that eating and decorating, it was time for the highlight of the party...biting in to the cupcake to find out if I would be having a niece or nephew.  My sister-in-law is from Buffalo, New York (well Marion to be specific), so she had her mom on Skype primed for the big bite.  
And then we bit...well, they bit and I took pictures because I wanted to capture their reaction.

OK that was kind of a tease cause I didn't get any actual pictures of the filling, but it's a.....


Bring on the tutus, hair bows, and girly fun (my brother is soooo not cut out for this!).  

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  1. That looks like it was super cute and a lot of fun! :)


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