August 8, 2012

Levi: 7 Months

There's nothing like having a baby whose life you document monthly to make you realize just how fast time really does fly!  It feels like just yesterday I was typing up Levi's 6-month report, and now this Saturday, he has already hit the 7-month mark.  Whew!  We better get to planning that first birthday party (only half kidding).

This month was a pretty big month for our boy.  For one, he got his first two teeth...only a few days apart.  And he handled it like a in we didn't even know he was "teething;" we just spotted a tooth all of a sudden!
Levi also took off crawling this month.  After getting up on all fours for a few weeks and even going backwards a few times, he finally figured out how to get himself moving forward.  And man is he a happy kid now?!?  He is totally off and exploring EVERYTHING...Chipper's toys, Colton's toys, random bits of paper, whatever.  If I could get inside his brain, I'm pretty sure it would be thinking "I've been staring at this stuff for the last 7 months and now I can FINALLY get my hands on it!"
Levi continues to be a happy, easy baby.  He's a bit of a mama's boy, but I'll take it.  I'm kind of attached to him as well:)

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