May 28, 2012

Summer is here...

I love all holidays/occasions, but as we were entering this Memorial Day holiday weekend, I realized that this just may be my most favorite weekend of them all...pretty bold statement, eh?
I don't know what Memorial Day weekend is like in your town, but here at the Beach, Memorial Day weekend means summer is here. It's like we take all the fabulous elements of summer and cram them in to one big action-packed summer extravaganza weekend.
Our little family has joined right in on the festivities. We kicked off our weekend Friday night with dinner and drinks outside on one of our favorite restaurant's patio. On Saturday, Josh and I took the boys to the pool for the first time of the summer. Colton showed off his new swim lesson skills, while Levi dipped his little toes in for the first time! The boys' uncle and aunt (my brother and his wife) were nice enough to babysit so we could get out for a bit. Josh and I went to one of our favorite outdoor places and sat right on the water for a fabulous dinner and some drinks. On Sunday, we whipped out the little backyard kiddie pool for Colton to splash around in. Then Sunday night, we went over to some friends' house for a cookout. And today, we plan to conclude the weekend with a day at the beach with family and friends followed by a cookout at my parent's house. Whew...perfection!!!
However you have spent your weekend, I hope it has been (and continues to be) glorious. Happy summer:) I'll return tomorrow with the usual stuff, but for now I leave you with a shot of my adorable boys enjoying their first summer together:

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