April 9, 2012

Egg-Citing Happenings

Whew!!! I'm really on a roll with these blog post titles, huh?!?
As you may have guessed from the title, the boys and I have been busy crossing items off our Spring To-Do list.  With Easter this past weekend, we, of course, had to get into the fun with some egg hunts and egg dyeing.
First up, was Colton's very first Easter egg hunt.  I had joined a moms' group this summer, and while I haven't done much with them recently due to scheduling conflicts, they were hosting an egg hunt, so I figured it would be a good weekday activity for us.  Each participant had to bring 12 of their own eggs to contribute, so Colton helped me fill them the morning of the hunt, which got him really excited for the whole thing.  So excited that by the time we got to the hunt, he had managed to open the eggs and eat some of the candy out of them (I had naively left the basket in the back seat figuring he couldn't get to it...rookie move).  After salvaging what was left of our contribution, we got started on the fun that was the hunt.  Colton LOVED it!!!  In fact, the only issue we had was trying to keep him at his 12 egg limit (I secretly kept tossing some out of his basket because the boy just didn't want to stop searching).

And while Levi didn't exactly get to hunt, he did look pretty cute hanging out in his chair and the Baby Bjorn:
Needless to say, after that little event "egg" has become one of Colton's favorite words.  So, when I whipped out some more eggs a couple days later for some dyeing fun, the boy was pretty stoked.  He didn't totally understand the concept, but did enjoy splashing around in the dye cups...super!

And yep, Levi was there too, watching all the action:

We also had my family's Seder to attend.  While it isn't necessarily egg-themed (although we do have eggs as part of the meal), the boys still had a blast hamming up all the attention...

And finally (as if you haven't seen enough pictures of my boys for one day!), we celebrated Easter Sunday with some Easter baskets, breakfast out at one Virginia Beach's best (Doc Taylor's if you're local or interested), and then by taking the boys to an egg hunt/petting zoo/Easter Bunny extravaganza down at the beach.

Whew!!! Celebrating has been exhausting, but totally fun.  Holidays certainly have become way more exciting since we had children!!!

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