January 30, 2012


I mentioned last week that post-baby I have some MAJOR work to do in the ole weight loss department. Between feeling like an oompa loompa, having a lovely pooch in my clothes, and looking at a scale number that makes me cringe, I really do not need much more motivation right now to really attack this diet.
But I was perusing Pinterest last week (of course!) and ran across an idea that was just too fun and simple to pass up.  Unfortunately, I didn't actually "pin" it so now I can't find the original to give it credit, but here is my version:
I am so excited to weigh-in each week and move some pebbles...hopefully from the "to go" jar to the "lost" one and not in the opposite direction!
I'm sure you can tell from the picture how to create these for yourself: some simple vases (mine are from the Dollar Store at $1 each), vase fillers (again from the Dollar Store...$1 for a bag!), and some stickers (these are from Target...for $1...although I bought 2 packs just to make sure I had enough of each letter).
And now they are in my closet to keep me on track...how fun is that?  Anybody else have some weight loss motivation tips?


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