November 12, 2010

Heading South

By the time you all read this (if anyone does!), we will be in Flordia visiting my grandfather, aunt and uncle, and cousin. I have been making this trip my whole life. When I was younger, I would eagerly anticipate going to Grammie and Papa's house each Spring Break; they would stock the house with the junk food my parents didn't normally let us eat, we would swim in the "big pool" and "little pool" with my cousins, put on shows, play with Papa's robot...I have so many fantastic memories of trips to Florida. As I have gotten older, my trips to Florida come with less regularity and usually with a mission (my cousin's bridal shower, her wedding, my Grammie's funeral, Papa's 80th birthday, etc), but no matter the reason, I am always excited to be in Florida. I don't know if it's the blast of warmth that greets us when we first leave the airport, the recognizable smell of Papa's condo, or the familiar sights of Papa's "club," but in so many ways, Florida really is my home away from home. This will be Colton's first trip to Florida, and for that matter, most of my family there's first time in seeing him in several months. Basically, it's going to be a fantastic weekend.
This is what I'm most looking forward to...
  • smellling that Florida air and feeling its warm breeze when we arrive
  • watching my family members react to Colton's latest skills (crawling, pulling up, laughing, eating, etc)
  • taking Colton for a swim in the pool (and catching some much-needed rays and warmth myself!)
  • eating some Rugelach
  • having a night out with my cousin and her husband while Colton stays with his Aunt and Uncle
  • introducing Colton to some extended family and friends at his meet Colton luncheon
  • taking Colton to his brother's namesake restaurant, Chippers (it's Papa's club's casual dining option...we go at least once a trip)

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