October 25, 2010

Weekend Purging

With football commitments dominating the weekend agenda, there was not much time for home improvement projects. However, our closets were in desperate need of some attention, so with my couple hours of free time, I turned my sights towards them. When we moved into this house 8 months ago, I was overwhelmed with the abundance of closet space. I don't know if its the 20 pound addition we have acquired or just the whole theory that you live to what you have, but we have already begun to run out of closet space. So, there I was this weekend, purging, decluttering, and organizing. I will spare you sights of all of them, but here is the before of our master bedroom closet:

And after one trashbag full of clothes ready for Goodwill and lots of reorganizing:

You may not be able to tell, but it is 10,000 times better...trust me! I once heard a closet strategy that said if you should start all your hangers facing in the same direction. Over the course of the season, when you wear something, you place it back in the closet in the opposite direction. Then, at the end of the year, you can get rid of anything that is still facing in the original direction, and thus has not been worn. It sounds like a great idea, but luckily, I can pretty much remember what I have worn or not worn. My problem, usually, is that I get a little panicky about throwing something away. This time, though, I forced myself to follow through and am so far (24 hours later mind you) very pleased with the results. Plus, it gives me more room to start accumulating new clothes (YAY!).

So, how bout you guys? Do you purge your closets each season too? Any special strategies?

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  1. I purge 2 times a year...my friends love it b/c I let them go through the clothes and accessoires first then take the rest to an abused women's shelter in Ocean View...I love making room for new clothes! I hate getting rid of good clothes b/c I'm always scared "I might need it"


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