October 26, 2010

Have Baby, Will Travel

In just a few weeks, we (and Colton) will be tackling a major milestone: Colton's first airplane experience. We will be traveling to Fort Lauderdale to visit my grandfather, aunt/uncle, and cousins. My family has been fantastic and rounded up a pack and play Colton to sleep in during our stay, and my grandfather has already emailed to see what foods, diapers, wipes, etc. he can have in the house for Colton's impending arrival. So, for the most part, I feel prepared. The only issue we still can't seem to tackle is his carseat. The thing is heavy and awkward, and although I have read that it is recommended for him to sit in one on the plane, I don't really think it is necessary, or beneficial for that matter (he gets really squirmy in there!)...plus we didn't pay for a seat for Colton, so we would have to check the car seat anyway. While debating the merits of hauling this contraption with us through the airports and all the way to Florida, Josh and I wondered if there were other options....well, after a little google searching, I am happy to report there are indeed rental companies for baby equipment, places like this! For just a mere $24 for the 3 days we will be there, we can rent a carseat for baby boy to safely travel the streets of Florida.
But now, I don't know. Has anyone ever used this kind of service before? I'm a little snotty when it comes to "used" things...as in, I generally don't like them, but in this case, it does seem much easier. Or maybe its really not that bad just to check the darn seat? Please share...any travel experiences/suggestions with an infant are welcomed and appreciated

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