October 21, 2010

Mixed Wood: Yay or Nay?

Now that we have completed the first step of our living room mini-makeover with the acquisition of some new pillows, I have moved on to stage two: new end tables. Our end tables are hand-me-downs that are way past their prime. Normally, I am all in favor of sanding down a piece of furniture and giving it a couple coats of paint to give it new life, but the shape of these tables doesn't really allow for that. Read: they have to go!!!! I have decided I definitely want some round end tables this time around, something like this:
Or this:
Or even this:
My quandry, though, is what color wood to go with it? In keeping with my light and airy goal, I am thinking of trying out white wood. All of the other wood in our living room, though, is dark: the tv stand, coffee table, bases of the sofas and chairs. Sortof like this room:

The other option I am considering is having the end tables be some shade of green that would be fun and spunky in the room. So, help me out...cast a vote: white, color, or dark?

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  1. I like the color....great idea....white will get dirty and probably more of a statement than you are looking for....make sure you look at TJ Maxx!


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