October 20, 2010

Party Paper

So, at the risk of coming off like the over-anxious stores with their Christmas decoration already out, I have discoverd some awesome invitation sources for really stylish, fun holiday party invites. Well, truthfully, I didn't "stumble" across these things...I am busy helping my dad plan and coordiante his company's holiday party. I have helped him for the last few years, and each year, we try to up the ante a little. In the past, we have just gone with Hallmark invites, but when he approached me this year, I decided to go on a little search. Here is what I came up with:

  1. Shutterfly
  2. Tiny Prints
  3. Invitation Consultants
  4. Paper Culture
  5. Paper Culture

What do you all think? Which one should be the winner? Know of any good sources for invites, etc?


  1. I love minted.com
    Use HOLIDAYSURVEY at checkout for 10% off. But I do love the last one on here!

  2. I like 1 & 4 for a corporate party....

    Also: http://www.paperstyle.com/is-bin/Holiday-Party-Invitations.html

    Try Paperstyle (sign up for their emails and you will get discounts)


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