September 24, 2010

Project Saturday?

It has been a long time since I got to tackle a home-improvement project. The reason being two-fold: 1. luckily, our house does not need much work as the previous owners did a lot of renovating themselves and 2. hello people, I just had a baby six months ago, which means my time, hands, and energy has been consumed with other things. That does not mean my thoughts have not continuously drifted, though, back to our house and little things we can do to spruce it up. Honestly, I love nothing more than a good project: it is so exciting to look back after a few hours of work to see that your house looks markedly better, and then to get to delight in that 10, 20, however many times you enter that room a day times makes those little tasks totally worth it.

Well, that's my take anyway...Josh sees no logic in home improvement project. Don't get me wrong, he enjoys ***most of the time*** when I tackle something, but he rarely gets involved. I don't know what's gotten into him, but when I casually mentioned that this empty Saturday on our calendar would be a good day for a little project, he did not shoot me down. Now, the chances of this actually being pulled off are probably small, but as soon as he didn't scoff, my mind immediately went to this sore spot in our kitchen:

The previous owner had one of those pan holders hanging there, which I didn't like. I have tirelessly searched for some art to put in that space, but nothing quite seems to fit. So, my newest idea for the space (and the reason I need Josh's assistance) is to build a shelf in between the two cabinets. Just one simple hard can that be. I figured our new shelf would be able to showcase pretty white dishes, maybe like this...

So, what do you all think? Good solution for our awkward hole? Other suggestions? Any projects you plan to tackle this weekend? Let's discuss...leave me a comment:)

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