September 27, 2015

Chocolate Chip Waffle Cake

Since I finally shared the details of Levi's 3rd birthday party in my last post, I figured the perfect follow up was his completely delicious cake I made for his family celebration at home...
Birthdays are all about the food around here. **Who am I kidding? Most of our days revolve around food**  But, birthdays are extra special! Choice of birthday breakfast, birthday lunch, birthday dinner (out or in), birthday get the idea!
When Levi turned 3, he was very clear with his choices. He wanted donuts for breakfast, so we headed out to Krispy Kreme bright and early that Sunday morning. Unfortunately, he threw up as we were waiting in line for our treats (Josh waited in line while I rushed him to the nearest bathroom), so we had to abort mission and cancel our planned trip to the Children's Museum. After a few hours at home, it appeared Levi's issue was a fluke, so we decided to save the special day and head to hell Chuck E. Cheese per his request.

For dinner, V had requested pork chops and green beans (his very random favorite at the time), so we had invited all of our family members over for the special meal and cake. Unfortunately, it was around that time that we noticed Levi's stomach bug from the morning was still lingering. Luckily, he didn't get sick anymore but he kept sneaking off to the bathroom thinking he was going to get sick. I just felt so bad for my boy that he wasn't able to fully enjoy his special day, especially this star of the show...
As random as pork chops and green beans were, Levi's request for a chocolate chip waffle cake was probably even more bizarre. I pride myself on being a master googler (yes, that's a thing) and being able to search for just about anything, but "chocolate chip waffle cake" just wasn't out there. So I had to get creative, and I'm a little embarrassed to reveal just how easy this thing was. A box of yellow cake mix prepared per directions + a handful of chocolate chips per waffle scoop...prepared in a waffle iron just as you would regular waffles and voila...I had some pretty yummy chocolate chip waffles. But what's a cake without frosting, right?!? Again, just a can of premade chocolate frosting spread between each waffle, plus a few sprinkles for a good, festive measure and we had a big hit of a birthday cake! Seriously, everyone raved about how great it was! 

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