December 30, 2013

Top Posts 2013

With all the "best of 2013" stuff floating around, I figured I would take the time to make my own.  I've done one the past few years, and I always enjoy combing through a year's worth of posts and reminiscing!  As usual, my "top posts" aren't necessarily the most read or anything, but instead a collection of some of my favorites: parties I especially like, big projects, and things that are personally relevant!  So here they are in order of which they appeared:
1.  Winter OneDerland Bash
2.  Survival
3.  Flashback Friday

4.  Potty Time, Excellent
5.  Call in the Experts
6.  $8 Curtain Panels
7.  Favorite Things Party
8.  Our Cruise
9. Guest Bath Redo
10. S'More Please
11. Lamp Shade Redo
12.  Levi's Big Boy Room Makeover
13. Gallery Wall Expansion
And some runners up:
* Front Door Makeover + ORBing our door handles
*Sleep with Me 19
*Painted Curtains
*Desk Nook
*Our Florida trips with my grandfather
*Mickey Choo Choo Party

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