July 17, 2013

There Just May Not Be Anything Cuter

Than a little boy sporting his almost-as-big-as-he-is first back pack!

Seriously...too cute not to share!
Yep, Levi joined his older brother this week as both boys headed off to summer camp...Levi's first ever experience away from mom (besides a random babysitter here or there or his hour in the gym babysitting room each morning).
 As for how he did...well, he was really excited to get there.  When we entered his room and he saw the slide, and toys, and other kids his size, his little face lit up and he quickly took off.  But when I gave him a kiss bye bye, his enthusiasm was quickly replaced with tears.  When I picked him up later, he seemed ok although eager to get right back into mommy's arms!  His counselor reported that he had cried off and on all day, and as much as that tugs on my heart, I also feel like it was pretty much inevitable...and precisely the reason we have decided he needs a little bit of alone time!  I fully expect Day 2's drop off (today) will likely be even more painful, but I'm really hoping that he will start to enjoy the experience!  Shhh don't tell, but I'm really enjoying having some alone time!

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  1. SOOOOO cute! Genna told me this story the other day. I hope your drop off goes smoothly!!


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