July 29, 2013

Sleep With Me 19

Josh and I take turns putting the boys to sleep each night. He puts Colton down one night, while I put Levi down, and then we switch the next.  Both boys' routine is pretty standard: kiss everyone good night, brush teeth, read a book, and then night-night
Except a month ago or so, Colton chose to add a part to his.  Now after reading his story each night, he asks us to "sleep with me 19 minutes."  Sometimes even on Josh's nights, he still insists that I come in to sleep the 19 minutes.
It's such a sweet, special time.  I lay down next to him with the lights off.  He curls up next to me.  We talk about the day and what is coming for the next one.   He says things like "you're my favorite mommy" (to which I reply "you're my favorite Colton").  And he's super cuddly.. he gives lots of kisses and hugs.
And really, I don't stay 19 minutes.  Ever since my birthday (March 19th), Colton has had a thing for the number 19: everything is 19.  And even though he can count to 19, he doesn't have much of a concept for the number.  So we usually just say it's been 19, and he's good with that.
Most nights I love our 19 minutes.  But some nights, particularly on nights when it was Josh's night to put him to bed and I'm being beckoned into his room, I don't want to do the whole 19 minute routine.  I am so excited to have finally arrived at the next phase of our day...the one that involves quiet, and adult tv, and my bowl of ice cream...that I don't want to buck up for  a few more minutes of mommy time.
But then I give myself a mental check.  I know some day in the not so distant future, my sweet boy will no longer ask me to sleep 19 minutes.  And I won't get the chance to cuddle with him, and kiss him, and talk with him like he is so eager to do right now.  And I know I have to seize these moments.  Cherish my little boy being a little boy.  And he's a pretty amazing little boy...my favorite Colton ever!

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  1. Very cute - I'm the very same way about certain moments with Taylor. Yeah, the thought of doing something for me crosses my mind, but there will be a time when I would beg to have my 19 mins with her...even if that means watching that episode of Mickey for the 349823 time because she loves the scene with the sheep... <3


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