July 11, 2013

Proceed with Caution

When we bought this house, we nearly doubled our square footage from our previous home.  We moved in kid-less and set up shop, marveling at how much space we had!  Fast forward to the present day.  Two kids and all their junk later, we are already busting at the seams in this place. Fortunately (or not...you be the judge), we tend to keep the chaos pretty well contained in our main living areas.  But when you step foot in the playroom and/or laundry/storage closet, disaster is pretty much the only word that comes to mind.  Take a look:

Starting next week, the boys will both be in camp for 12 glorious hours a week for the next four weeks (!).  I should have pedicures, massages, and pool time on my agenda, but instead I plan to conquer this beast...pathetic, huh?!?  Here's the basic plan:
  • relocate craft/party supplies to laundry closet
  • get shelving of some sort to store craft supplies
  • convert closet to desk
  • move books elsewhere
  • come up with toy rotation system
  • store rest of toys in more organized way
 Fingers crossed that by August this space is functional again...or at least more functional than it currently is!  Or fingers crossed I don't get buried in all the junk that is currently in there.  Whichever seems more appropriate!

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