July 10, 2013

A Little Ottoman Upcylce

 July is bedroom deep cleaning month in our house, which happens to be a tad bit more exciting to me than some of our other deep cleaning projects.  The main reason for that is that in between the wall washing, under bed vacuuming, and thorough dusting, I am also taking the time to address some of the main problem areas in each of our rooms (read: I get to do projects!).
Colton's room actually has quite a few areas that need addressed, but one of the most pressing/annoying for me is his shoe storage.  They used to be stored in an orange basket on top his dresser.  But as his shoe collection has grown, the shoes no longer really fit in that little orange basket, so there are always shoes spilling over.  Plus, now that he technically gets himself dressed each day and has to reach for his shoes, he tends to just knock the whole basket down...and not bother to put the shoes back in...so they just end up everywhere.  So I needed something larger and lower to the ground so my big boy can actually get to them himself.
I had a couple of these ottomans down in the playroom that weren't really serving a purpose, and it hit me that one of them may just be the perfect solution.
Large enough to store a bunch of shoes: check.  Easily accessible for my boy: check.   The only problem for this perfectionist: the aqua color didn't go with Colton's navy blue/orange color scheme of a room.
Of course I could have bought some fabric, but I'm a little too impatient and cheap for that.  Instead, I just took down Colton's current curtains (a plain navy set that are also on the list of things to be dealt with in this deep cleaning!), and used to them to recover the ottoman.
Using my trusty glue gun, it was really such a breeze of a project.  I started on the bottom by gluing the fabric tightly in place around, folding the corners like gift wrap as I went.
Once that was secure, I pulled it real tight and repeated the process on the top of the base, cutting off any excess.  And then, of course, I had to do the same thing to the lid.

And now we have a navy blue ottoman.
Perfect for storing a collection of little boy shoes
I thought about jazzing it up a bit, but the current plan is just to store it in his closet, so as much as it pains me, I kind of felt like it was a waste of effort!  
What do you all think?  Leave it as is?  Or give it a little more TLC?!?

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