June 28, 2013

Random Musings

As a blogger, I am constantly on the look out for things that are blog worthy: recipes we love, project we accomplish, fun moments or topics with the kiddos, etc.  Every now and then, I have a whole bunch of things  that don't necessarily warrant a whole post, but that I feel like I want to share anyway.  Today is one of those days.  And as the title or that explanation may explain, bear with me because these are certainly all over the place!
1.  Chipper got a hair cut!  Let's be honest: Chipper was waaayyy overdue for his haircut when we finally took him last week.  Check out this mop:
Poor guy!  And if you know anything about our pup, you know that the fact that he is even sitting still long enough to let Levi piggyback on him is shocking!  But sadly, for the last week or so before we got Chipper's new do, he was much more lethargic/isolated than his usual self.  He was spending a lot of time alone down in the playroom, just kind of laying on the floor down there.  I noticed, but really didn't think too much of it....until we got his hair cut and his normal, chipper self (like that pun...yes, we picked his name appropriately!) returned.  He's playing again, sitting in the living room with us again, etc.  Josh thinks I'm crazy, but I honestly think he was either pissed off at us, depressed, or maybe both because of that crazy hair.  Or maybe he couldn't even freaking see?!?  Either way, he looks much better now, and we've switched vets/groomers now to somewhere more convenient to us (his other was almost a half hour away and only took grooming appointments once every couple of weeks so it was hard to coordinate), so I swear he will never get to that point again!
2.  My big boy is swimming!!!!  We had Colton in swim lessons for a bulk of the spring, but he was absolutely hated putting his face in the water, so he really didn't progress much.  We started up again a few weeks ago, and really weren't getting much further....until last week!  All of a sudden, he decided he liked putting his face in!!!  And now is obsessed with doing it!  So, while we were at the pool the last time, I tried taking off his "swim coat" and letting him kick to me...face in and everything.  He LOVED it!  I taught swim lessons for years, so I kind of know what I'm doing and I can't wait to work with him more!  Man, what a relief it would be to go back to only having one kid I feel like I have to watch like a hawk when we're around water!
3.  I think I scarred my neighbor for life.  The boys were napping a few days ago, and I decided to hop in the shower.  I forgot to close the front door beforehand (I usually just keep the storm door closed, but the wooden one open).  Well, I'm in there a few minutes when I hear Chipper hysterical at the front door in a way that could only mean someone was there.  It immediately dawned on me that it was probably our neighbor because he and his daughter had been out of town the week before (while his wife is away for work for a month), and we had collected their mail for them, but I freaked anyway because 1. I didn't want him to wake up the boys and 2. I didn't want him to push open the door with his jumping on it and get out(which he's done before!).  So, I hopped out, wrapped my towel around myself, and went out to give him his mail.  Seriously, I think he was mortified!
4.  I am in love with my new makeup brush holder.  I used to keep them in my drawer, but one of Levi's favorite activities recently had been to take them out and "paint" all over the house.  So I took a mason jar I had laying around, filled it with a $2 bag of stones I picked up at AC Moore, and voila!  It looks cute...and my budding Picasso has had to actually find appropriate surfaces and tools to paint with!

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