June 14, 2013

Are 2 Harder Than 1?

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I were out and about with the kiddos when she asked me that question (she is currently trying to get pregnant with her second).
Do you think that was clear enough?
While I was certainly not trying to scare her off from having a second child (nor anyone who may be reading this in a similar boat), but I have to admit I have been a little taken aback at just how much more stressful it is to have two children.

With two, someone always needs you.  I swear they may be conspiring against me.  As soon as one is doing something independently, the other one all of a sudden has some sort of emergency.
And even worse with two, when one is having a fit about something, the other one tends to join in...I guess just to prove that he, too, is upset (or just that he, too, needs attention because heaven forbid one brother get more of that for a second).
With two, they are constantly egging each other on.  One will do something (usually not a desirable behavior: think throw food, hit the dog, ...the other one laughs...and before you know it full out chaos has ensued as they go back and forth trying to outdo each other).
With two, my 1 1/2 year old tries to act like he's 3 and my 3 year old tries to act like he's 1 1/2.  Honestly, the latter is way more frustrating.  We try to tell Colton that he should know better than to do certain things because he's the big brother, but really, he's only 3 so he probably doesn't know better!
With two, the other one always wants what the other one has.  It constantly amazes me that one can be playing with something that the other one hasn't touched for months and as soon as he spots it, it's an all out war as to who gets to play with it (because, of course, sharing is a foreign concept around here).
And because of that, with two, there are only fleeting moments of quiet when both boys are miraculously playing either independently or cooperatively.  Seriously, I've timed it before and it's generally less than one minute at a time.

  Besides the fact that I firmly believe in the power of having a sibling. obviously having two children has some other definite advantages as well.

With two, there's double the loving...double the hugs, double the kisses, double the "I love you's."
With two, there's all kinds of cuteness to watch.  Just as it seems one of them is always up to some sort of mischief, one of them seems to always be up to something cute: something they've said, something they've done, or even just a little look throughout the day.
And speaking of cuteness, there is nothing more amazing than watching my two boys interact.  Whether they are chasing each other, playing iPad together, laughing, or even making mischief, it is absolutely the most heart-warming thing in the world to watch them together.  Oh, and my absolute favorite is when I overhear Colton teaching "Levi Shane" (as he affectionately calls him) something.
With two, they are most definitely learning...or at least getting practice...with sharing, taking turns, and all those valuable tools they will need to interact in the world.
With two, they have a steadfast friendship and that makes me infinitely happy.  Not only does it make it easier to drop them off with a babysitter (they're happy as long as they're together), but whoever wakes up first wants the other one right away, and whenever we walk by Colton's school after he's been dropped off, Levi asks for "brother."

So, yeah, having two is most definitely harder than having one, but just like all things, sometimes the best things are the ones that require the most effort!

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