January 14, 2013


Well, another party is officially in the books.  And this time it was a big one...our little boy's first birthday Winter OneDerland bash!  Although we were on pins and needles all week wondering if my niece's arrival would happen to occur on the same day as Levi's party (which it didn't and she is now scheduled to be induced today so hopefully by this time tomorrow, Miss Riley will FINALLY be here), the party went off as planned.
With Levi being born in January, I had figured from day one that his party would have a winter theme.  Therefore, from the day he was born, I began mentally collecting ideas for the bash (and then allowed myself to formally pin things about 6 months ago...couldn't look crazy by doing it too far in advance...).  Of course I, then, spent hours and hours planning and executing every last detail of Levi's party.  And while I will no doubt bombard you with photos/explanations of all that over the next few days, the real mark of success for this party was just how much fun Levi (and his older brother) had in celebrating it.  So today we'll focus on the real star(s) of this party: our sweet Levi Shane (and all the friends, family members, and especially his older brother that helped make his day so special).

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