January 11, 2013

My Day Off (a Winter OneDerland Preview)

One of my New Year's goals was to be less productive.  I realize it sounds ridiculous, but seriously I put a ridiculous/stupid amount of pressure on myself to accomplish things that really, truly don't necessarily need to be accomplished!
Take this blog for example.  Since I began writing it, I have diligently cranked out a post every Monday-Friday.  Most days it really isn't a problem...I have something on my mind, I write a post, voila.  But honestly over the 2 1/2 years or so, there have been times when I just didn't have anything to say, and instead of just letting it go for a day, I racked my brain to come up with something...anything...to type.  Why?  I really don't know.  Even though I get a pretty decent amount of traffic on this thing, I certainly realize I hardly rank as a big time blog.  No one is holding me accountable for a daily post.
So when I sat down one night this week with absolutely nothing on my mind to type, I decided to do the logical thing.  I didn't type anything.  I didn't post.  (and amazingly, a few people even noticed and contacted me!)
And though not writing a post was a step in the right direction, unfortunately I didn't quite use my extra time relaxing.  We have a big first birthday party around here this weekend, and being the anal/OCD/perfectionist (pick your neurotic adjective) person I am, I have been very hard at work on every last detail of this shindig.  Luckily, the party is at our house which means I could get a head start on decorating and things.

I love watching my ideas come to life, especially because I have mentally been planning Levi's first birthday party ever since the day he was born!!!  It certainly can be hard work (and the bulk of it still has yet to come), but I really do enjoy doing it!  Then again, I will also enjoy having absolutely nothing on my agenda next week...
Happy weekend all!  Enjoy your time off from whatever your weekly routine may be!

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