December 4, 2012

To Whom it May Concern

I have seen on other blogs where people write a series of letters to random recipients (I'm pretty sure it's actually a link-up, but considering I'm not really a link-up type of gal I figured I'd just do my own) .  Considering my thoughts are all over the place today, I thought that letter form would be a good way to convey the blabber.  Here goes...
Dear ickies, I'm pretty sure our household has had our fair share of you this fall.  I don't think it's an understatement to say you have been with us since late October in one form, person, etc.  Between my sinus infection and the boys' stomach bugs, I think you have clearly overstayed your welcome.  Get out...please...and thank you.
Dear lawn guy, You are my hero for coming and working for 4+ hours to gather our 50 bags of leaves (no exaggeration).  I must admit I felt a bit guilty watching you and your comrades picking up gumballs out of our yard, but really my main thought was just "thank goodness, I'm not doing that."
Dear trees surrounding our yard, Seriously?!?  That kind lawn guy just finished with the yard, and it's already filling up again with your fall debris.  I know you can't help it that your leaves fall off and all, but could you shed them in another direction, namely into our neighbors' yards instead?
Dear Chipper, I'm very sorry we have neglected your hair cut for so long.  I realized you probably can't see out of your eyes there is so much fur in them and that it is probably really wearing on your self-esteem that you look a good 10 pounds heavier than you actually are also due to so much extra fur.  But good news, sweet boy...mommy got you an appointment for next Monday!
Dear Steelers, You know I love you, but I must admit I had kind of given up on you this year...not in a mean way...just in a it's not meant to be this year kind of way.  But you've given me hope. Watching that game Sunday night was maybe one of my favorite ever, especially with Colton cheering in the background "go Charlie," "no fall down Charlie," "stay up Charlie."  Guess I may need to save my January weekends for the playoffs after all.
Dear holidays, I know it is only the beginning of December, but you already have me feeling like I'm running around with too little time to get everything done.  Between crafting, decorating, gift-buying, toddler/baby tradition making , and everything else I have to do to get ready, I feel like we're never going to get it done.
Dear gym/weight loss progress, We'll meet again in 2013.  I promise.  But for now, I'm sorry to be so harsh, but you're just not my priority.

Told you I was all over the place...

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