September 20, 2012

Did You Miss Me?

Yesterday I didn't publish a blog post.  While very few of you probably noticed, it was actually pretty significant.  In not publishing a post, it was the very first day (weekday to clarify) in my 2+ years of blogging that I have not published something.  The reason was surprisingly simple: I didn't have anything to say (or at least nothing to say that I could type up fairly quickly!).
But as I sat trying to scan my brain for type I realized this was symptomatic of a larger problem.  This blog is mine.  No one holds me accountable for a daily posting (except maybe my sister).  But yet I feel a certain compulsion/responsibility to make sure there is a post each day.  Why do I create such high expectations for myself?  And then I realized this was actually symptomatic of a bigger problem of mine.
I expect our house to be orderly despite the fact that we have a toddler and infant living here.  I expect to spend my days playing non-stop with my children (at least until nap time) and feel like I am failing  when I take a few minutes to put on the tv for them.  I expect to go to the gym 5 days a fail.  And the list goes on and on.
Is this a mom thing?  Or a perfectionist thing? Or maybe it's Pinterest's fault (although in fairness I was doing most of these things before I ever discovered the time-sucker!)?
Whatever the source, my new decision is to try to reign myself in.  If I don't have something blog-worthy to discuss one day, so what!?!  If I want to spend one of the boys' nap time watching tv and laying on the couch, it's ok!  And if we spend a day running errands instead of doing something tot-friendly, the boys will survive.

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