September 10, 2012

All for the Nookie

I don't know if I've shared our house history before, but here's a brief run down.  Our house was built in 1962.  Over its 50ish years (!), it has undergone drastic remodels and had quite its share of additions.  We're not clear exactly on when these each took place, but while the end result is a lot more space and bigger rooms, there are some side effect really weird spots that were clearly afterthoughts in the whole process.
Take the boys' bathroom for example.  Based on the location of the floor vent and the layout of the walls, our guess is that it originally ended about 2-3 feet short of where it does now.  Those 2-3 extra feet now provide more space obviously, but they also created this little nook area in there.

Ever since we saw the house, the obvious thought for the space was "linen closet."  Right?  But like a lot of projects, that thought just kept on festering until finally I decided to take action a few weeks ago.  I measured the space and headed out to Home Depot to collect my supplies: 4 shelf tracks and complimenting hardware, shelf clips, and 2 2x4's cut to size by the nice men of Home Depot.  Luckily, we had plenty of paint left over from when I painted the bathroom when we first moved in, so I just used that to paint the shelves.
Once they were painted, they sat...and sat...and sat.  You see, Josh is the "hanger" in our house, particularly if the project involves the drill, as this one did.  I get that after a long day at work, he doesn't necessarily want to come home and drill and stuff, so I let his tasks go until the weekend.  He started on the shelves on weekend 1, but ran out of the anchors.  I went and bought more, but then the project was on hold until weekend 2.  As typical, Josh was procrastinating away, but when a golf outing with his buddies came up, I knew I had my bait...if the tracks are done, sure you can go golfing...they were done an hour later.
Well, I thought they were done.  I went to put the shelves in and those stupid tracks took up about 1/4 inch of the space...just enough that the shelves no longer fit....UUUUHHH!  So the next day Colton was in school, Levi and I headed up to the Home Depot once again.  The nice man told me cutting off 1/4 inch would be too risky, but that he could cut 1/2 inch.  I figured that would work, so we went with it.  I was so excited to get those darn shelves home.  And then I went to put them in...and they still didn't fit!!!  Turns out he cut the 1/2 inch off the length of the shelves, not the width (totally my fault).  3 weeks, 4 Home Depot trips, and much frustration later, I was totally over this stupid project, but we loaded up one more time, got the same nice man to cut 1/2 inch off the width, and headed home to put them in place.

sorry for the awful lighting...there's no natural light in there!

They fit this time, but honestly I'm not totally in love with the result.  The shelves don't fit snugly as was to be expected, and I also think we need thicker wood.  But at this point, they're going to have to do for a little while because (a) they work and (b) I'm over it!  So in the end, we have some more storage and a not-so-awkward space.

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