August 17, 2012


While you have been seeing regular blog posts around here all week (well, hopefully anyway!), the fam and I have actually been here all week...
The Atlantis, Bahamas
And no I have not been spending my precious vacation time blogging!  I actually scheduled the posts before I left.  It's actually kind of funny because I am very confident you all would have been just fine without my insights for the week.  But my husband is a bit sketched out about this whole broadcasting your whole life on the Internet thing, and didn't want me to just announce that we would be out of town for a week (although our house is not even empty because a good friend of mine is there watching Chipper for us).  And he was even paranoid enough to think that if I didn't post for a week, you all would catch on.  I tried telling him that no one follows me that closely, but whatever...I obliged.  So while you were reading my posts, this is actually what I have been doing (well, again, hopefully, since I'm actually writing this before we actually leave!):
Laying on the beach
Taking Colton to the water park (he's ridiculously excited for it!)
Drinking lots of yummy beverages
And even swimming with the dolphins!
But sadly, we're on our way back now.  So while this is just a preview, I'm sure I'll be back with tons of pictures and stories for you next week!


  1. Hope you guys are having/had so much fun!!

  2. I am hoping to get away to Atlantis next summer for vacation. It looks beautiful.

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