July 13, 2012

Weight Loss Progress: Month 6

I haven't done one of these little check-in things for a bit, but I figured since Levi was now 6 months old, that also meant I had been at this whole dieting thing for 6 months as well. Frustratingly, I am still a mere pound away from my first goal (and have been stuck there for some time), but the good news is that this was most definitely the longest part of the journey (at least in theory).  In fact, I have about half as much weight to lose to get to my dream weight as I just had to lose to get here! So, here's to hoping I can get myself back on track...lose that stubborn pound...and knock off the final 20 or so.
Since we're into full disclosure, here's what I look like these days:
sorry for the crappy picture...I didn't realize it was so bad until I was too lazy to take another!

Goal: We're just going to ignore that final pound for a second and move on to the my next goal...to get to my "average weight"...about 5 pounds to go.  I have probably mentioned before that my weight has been all over the place, even non-pregnant, so this is basically the number that I tend to hang out around...maybe a few pounds under or a few pounds over, but my average
Recent Progress: I switched up my work out routine recently, which actually resulted in a little quicker losses (yahoo!)...about 1 1/2-2 pounds a week, as opposed to my normal 1!
Diet: I'm really not following any diet program.  I'm eating what I know is good for me, I'm not eating much of it, and I'm only splurging occasionally (most of the time!).  Again, I've pretty much memorized the Weight Watchers gig, so if anything, I guess that's what I'm doing...consuming less calories than I burn!
Exercise: Once Colton was out of school for the summer, I knew my opportunities to do a workout video at home were gone!  So, I now go to the gym five days a week.  On Mondays and Wednesdays, I run for 30 minutes (at 6.2 for 8 minutes and walking at 4.3 for 2) and then do most of the exercises from Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred (with the exception of her cardio parts basically).  On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, I do 45 minutes of cardio.  The increased cardio has definitely paid off, and I'm glad I'm doing the exercises because they are certainly helping get me more toned.
Struggles: As I get more comfortable with my weight (read: not totally disgusted when I look in the mirror), I find myself having a harder time staying on track.  There are more cheat moments and even days.  I've found that sometimes it's best just to give into them and then get myself back on track.  But even with that mentality (and summer...and celebrations like Josh's birthday, 4th of July, etc), I'm just really having a hard time being as good as I used to be.  
Successes: Last summer, I wanted to get on the shorts bandwagon, but seeing that I was pregnant and getting larger by the day, it wasn't a good time to buy them.  I didn't want to buy any that would eventually be too big, but a few weeks ago I was in Loft and they were all 40% off.  I decided to grab two pairs...one in an 8 (the size I would typically wear in shorts cause I like them a little looser) and another in a 10 just to see.  I got in the dressing room, picked one of the pairs without looking at the size, and they fit pretty well.  I crossed my fingers as I checked the size on the pair that was not currently on my body, fully expecting that I had the 10s on, hence their good fit.  Well, guess what?!?  I had on the 8s...and they fit!  Honestly, they're a tad tighter than I would want, but they're currently wearable, and hopefully will fit perfectly in a few more weeks as I continue to lose the weight!!!  MAJOR SUCCESS!

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