July 18, 2012

Summer IS Fun..

When I saw that it was July 15th this past Sunday, I was kind of shocked! Seriously, where have the first few weeks of summer gone? It's already half-way over (sorry, teachers!)!
You know time flies when you're having fun, and I guess we've been having so much fun with our summer bucket list that time has...well, flown! In fact, want to see where we stand with our board now?

Pretty good for half way, huh (especially considering I didn't officially post our list until the end of June or so anyway!). I figured the halfway mark would be a good time to let you in on some of the fun we've been having (WARNING: massive photo dump ahead.)  Oh, and while Levi could not actually participate in most of the activities, he was certainly there to witness them (and we took his picture each time to prove it!
We painted with pudding.

And went to the library.
We painted some t-shirts.
well. Levi bounced while Colton painted

And visited the Botanical Gardens.

We went to Norfolk's Fountain Field Days (although Colton was totally against the fountain part of it).

And we went to a Tides game.

We even watched a movie (well, about 15 minutes of it until someone wanted to get up and play!...and, no, we didn't let him stay like that the entire time)

And did a little car wash (which was a huge hit by the way...I should have realized my toddler would have been excited at the mere sight of bubbles!).

Plus, we've still managed to hit the pool, beach, and backyard for even more fun.

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