July 31, 2012

Patio Reveal (Finally!)

I started working on our patio back in March or so with the hope that its transformation would be complete by the start of summer so we could utilize the improved space.  So, here we are in July...a few months behind schedule...but with a completed patio transformation nonetheless!  You ready to see it?

And the before for comparison sake:
Transformation is probably a bit of an overstatement for the space.  Basically, it just needed a lot of decorating help, and that's what it got.  I crafted just about every element for the space (you can find tutorials for all of them in the posts labeled "outdoors" if you're interested), painted some furniture, and added a few accessories to complete my look.  

Even though the process took longer than I had hoped and some things had to be changed around (like our hammock that ended up outside), I am pleased with the results. I still have hopes to add a tv to the room, but we're going to wait on that until there's an easier cable solution, so it may be awhile. In general, tough, the space definitely feels more like an outdoor living space (which was my goal) than just a patio.  I guess another room can be checked off the list.

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