July 11, 2012

And Speaking of Birthdays

Since it seems we've been on quite the birthday kick around here this week, I figured I'd continue the fun and share with you one more celebration.  This past weekend was Josh's 35th birthday (btw...how old does that sound?!?).  My husband is quite the noncommittal type, but a few weeks ago, I had finally got him to agree that to having a party at his favorite restaurant/bar.  Luckily for us, my sister-in-law and her family happen to own this restaurant (that's not why it's his favorite, though...we went for many years before she had even begun dating my brother-in-law...crazy how things work out, huh), so they had let us reserve the patio area, something they don't usually do.  I invited about 20 people, whipped up a few party touches, and we were all set.
Until the massive, oppressive heat wave refused to leave Va. Beach this weekend.  With temperatures a miserable 100-degrees plus, Josh and I reasoned no one (ourselves included) would want to sit outside in that kind of weather.  So, we moved the party inside and just sat at a table.  I was a little bummed at first because the new set up was much more rigid than I had planned (I had liked the walk-around, come when you want, leave when you want, eat when you want, etc feel of the patio party idea) and it also meant I would not be setting up any of the party stuff since it wasn't really a party anymore.  Obviously, minor issues, and in the end, the night worked out really well...Josh had a blast hanging out with some of his friends that we really don't spend nearly enough time with, my parents took the boys home to spend the night so we got a much-needed night off, and both of us had a little too much fun being totally irresponsible for an evening (as evidenced by the fact that Josh then had to spend most of the next day in bed!).  I didn't take nearly enough pictures of the whole thing, but I did snap a few.

Well, the next day was Josh's actual birthday.  I had invited his family over for some cake that night.  And since I already had some decorations and things that I had planned to use for his party, I figured I would set them up for this little celebration instead.
My ideas/supplies for the display came from a few of the things my hubby loves.  For one, he loves beer (don't all men?), so I had crafted a beer bottle banner in red and blue to go along the colors of his favorite beer (Bud Light) and favorite team (Atlanta Braves)...convenient it was the same color, eh?  I also hot glued actual Bud Light caps on to the bottles.  
Continuing on with the beer theme, one of Josh's gifts was this beer cake.  I'm sure you have seen versions of these on Pinterest, but here's a close up of Josh's. *Oh, and a little shout out to my sister's boyfriend for supplying the beer (he's the head brewer at O'Connor Brewery, a pretty awesome local brewery, and as much as Josh loves his Bud Light, the Green Can from O'Connor is his new favorite, which is saying a lot from someone who is usually pretty loyal, so if you're local ask for it while your out or even pick it up at grocery stores...it's slowly starting to make it's way there!)*
Besides beer and the Braves, Josh's other major passion is golf, so I filled a vase with some golf balls (his birthday gift from the boys...btw, why in the world are golf balls $45!?!) and called it a day.  And then of course, there was his actual birthday cake..a Brownie Sundae Cheesecake, a combination of his two favorite desserts.  


  1. -->Since we live in the same town I have to ask, which restaurant?
    We are always looking for someplace new in town.


    1. Wild Wing Cafe...the one near Sam's Club in Chesapeake...very good for bar food and fun.
      BTW, we eat out quite frequently, so I can give you tons of other recommendations if you're looking for something nicer or whatever:)


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