May 21, 2012

Dream Bashes Debut

Dream Bashes, my little party planning company, had its first official party this weekend.  My dad was hosting a picnic for his company and I was hired to coordinate the food and some activities.  My only directions: keep it simple...not necessarily my usual style, but I tried to comply.
I ordered pretty much all of the food: grilled chicken sandwiches, fried chicken sandwiches, wings, corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese, and potato salad.  But instead of just putting them out in the ugly aluminum catering trays, I had to make it look a little prettier (probably to my dad's chagrin, but oh well!).  A simple burlap tablecloth and some white trays were the basics.  But I also put the mac and cheese and potato salad into single serving cups for easier access (and because it looked a little cuter...after all that is most important, right?).  And I took the corn on the cob and put them into wrapped floral blocks so they could stand up (those certainly got the most compliments!)
I also had some fun building a brownie tower.
To make the plasticware more handy (and stylish...are we sensing a theme here?), I put them, along with a napkin, into cut-to-size paper lunch bags.  Stored in a galvanized bucket, they certainly looked much nicer than just putting out some plastic forks, spoons, and knives
As for the activities, my dad wanted loose and casual.  We set up some corn hole boards for the adults and then had a bucket of balls, frisbees, etc. for the kids.  Knowing how much Colton loves bubbles, I also set up a bubble tank and an assortment of bubble wands for the youngest kids to enjoy.

And that's about it.  While it may not have been my most spectacular party, I think I did a good job "keeping it simple," but also infusing some of my own style and stuff into it!

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