February 2, 2012

hello world.

It's a very exciting day around here...now that all family members have (or at least should have) received Levi's official birth announcement, I get to share it with you all:
 I designed it myself.  However, in typical fashion around here, I got a lot of inspiration (or shamelessly recreated basically) from this announcement on Pinterest:
Pinned Image
I also can not take credit for the beautiful photo of our boy.  A friend of my mom's is an aspiring photographer and offered to take some newborn photos for us as practice....ummm, lucky us, right?!?


  1. It's awesome Michelle. Buuuut....who is Joh?? haha. Love the pic--he's absolutely adorable!

    1. haha Jenn...you always catch me! This was actually a modified one because I didn't want to post our his last name for the world to see! Good thing I got Josh's name right on the actual announcement...that would have sucked!

  2. It's beautiful!! He's beautiful!!!


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