October 15, 2010

All By Myself...

Luckily, not for long, but yes, as that sad song taunts, I have been "all by myself" for a couple nights now. Josh does not have to go out of town for work often, but when he does, it totally bums me out. There are parts that are a little exciting: I get to have Moe's for dinner, I control the tv remote for the night, I don't hear snoring in the middle of the night. But the cons FAR outweigh the pros. It is so lonely to come home and not have someone to greet me with a kiss, to share in the Colton/Chipper duties for the night, to laugh at their activities for the night. And then comes the worst part: climbing in bed...ALONE! So sad to lay there without my husband, without someone to kiss me goodnight, or cuddle with me (for just a few minutes...Josh nor I am a fan of all-night snuggling...we need some space), to be in the bed totally by myself (ok, truthfully, my second favorite man usually sneaks his way into the bed with me when Josh is not there to see it). Not only do I find it sad, I also get a little worked up by it...like, literally, scared...
It got me thinking about all those nights I spent perfectly content laying in my bed alone when I was younger ...how is it now when I am older, wiser, more mature that sleeping in a bed alone totally freaks me out? Doesn't that seem a little reversed? Maybe it's just me. Am I incredibly pathetic or are you all co-dependent sleepers too?

my pathetic half-slept-in bed with my second favorite sleeping companion hogging the space in the AM

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  1. Me too... When Trente goes hunting for a few days 2 or 3 times a year I feel the same way...We live in a high-rise now, so it's a little better because we have security, but sleeping alone isn't fun except for the remote control solidarity!


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