January 16, 2014

Messy Monster Party: The Food

So far I've shared with you details on the decorations and activities from Levi's Messy Monster bash last weekend, but I have yet to fill you in on my favorite part of any party: the food!
Here's the thing with the food: obviously we could serve any party food, but I like to try to cater our food choices with the theme of the party.  For a messy monster party, my thought was trying to pick foods that were messy!
We also had about 30 adults coming and 20 kids, so I needed to have a good mix of adult and kid-friendly choices.

In the end, I settled on sloppy joe sliders, loaded nachos, and cheesy beer dip with pretzels for the adults.  For the kids, we went with peanut butter and jelly pizza (just peanut butter and jelly on a sugar cookie crust), a fruit plate, and some Cheetos (one of Levi's favorites...and also very messy!).
The fruit got a festive touch, though, as I added eyeballs to some of the pieces so it was a bit monster-y.
And the Cheetos also got monsterfied, as I put them in these cones I made and stuck them into a monster-wrapped stand.
While we're at it, the forks also got some monster treatment (I added tiny eyes to the base of each fork), but I completely forgot to take pictures of them.  Trust me, they were cute!
For cake, I made Levi a tie dye smash cake for him to blow his candle out.  Again, I didn't get a picture of it, but I'm sure you've seen them on Pinterest!  And if not, you can probably catch a glimpse in some of the pictures below.  
For everyone else, we went ahead and set up a cupcake bar, so guests could create their own very messy creation.  Aside from cupcakes, we had several colors of frostings available, several sprinkles, and then a choice of toppings (gummy bears, crushed Oreos, Reeses pieces, M and M's, Nerds, and a couple other choices I'm forgetting!).  
A lot of the kids just wanted a piece of Levi's cake (although they did add some toppings to it), but the ones...and the adults... that did make a cupcake seemed to enjoy doing it up!
And with that, we're almost done!  I just have one Messy Monster post left for tomorrow, so hang in there!

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