November 1, 2013

Little Moments

4-5 o'clock (ish): absolute worst time of the day around here.  I'm ready for some parenting help after being at it all day, and it (in the form of Josh) is not quite home yet.  On top of that, I'm usually preoccupied trying to get dinner ready which gives the boys a bit more leeway to make mischief/attack each other than they have at other times of the day. There are days that the chaos of that one hour in our house totally make me consider quitting my stay-at-home mommy it did a few days last week.
In my frustration, I started thinking about the good times.  If that is the worst part of my day, there certainly has to be a best time too.  The obvious answer for best time of the day was nap time.  But then I gave it a bit more thought.  While nap time is certainly peaceful and relaxing, it dawned on me that there are many more little moments throughout the day that make me eternally grateful my job is as stay-at-home mommy.
  *having a bed-head, sleepy-eyed Colton march into my room each morning to tell me "my clock turned green"...and giving me a big good morning kiss
  *seeing the huge grin on Levi's face when I go into his room each morning
  *listening to the boys "talk" to each other over breakfast
  *singing along with them to their songs as we ride in the car (according to Colton, I'm only allowed to sing the loud ones)
  *going through Colton's series of "how much do you love me mommy?" about 10 times a day ("I love you higher than the trees," "I love you deeper than the ocean," "I love you more than all the flavors at Skinny Dip" (his favorite))
  *watching Levi excitedly leave his classroom, especially on days when he has a craft he can't wait to show his brother!
  *being the recipient of Levi's big hugs and kisses several times a day
  *watching the boys play with their buddies during playdates

And mostly...
  *just watching my two boys interact and develop a friendship that is so special.  These two are truly best buddies.  Whatever one does the other one does moments later.  Each of them thinks the other one is hillarious.  And today, Colton even referred to Levi as his "teammate."
Levi took it upon himself to rub Colty's head the other day when Colton was laying on the couch not feeling good...see what I mean: little moments!

The thing with having two boys is there are lots of moments of chaos.  The sweet moments usually don't last but so long before someone is making mischief, BUT man are those moments sweet...and luckily there are enough of them scattered throughout the day to make my job completely and totally worthwhile.  Not that I don't still look forward to nap time...

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