November 22, 2013

Every Day We're Shuffling

Last week, I showed you Levi's new big boy room, most of it courtesy of my sister's move.  With the new furniture in place, we had to figure out what to do with the stuff that was already in there!
The crib and glider ended up out in the shed for storage.  I will probably try to sell the glider (along with a bunch of other stuff we seem to have collected).  But I plan to hold on to the crib.  No, we're not planning on having another baby!  But I have seen a bunch of cribs repurposed on Pinterest, and considering this was both boys' crib, it's a pretty sentimental piece I would like to hold on to and do something with eventually!
 We did take the dresser out of Levi's room (because it was white and we were inheriting a dark bed...and dresser!), though, and are now using it in the dining room as a buffet.  I am in love with it in there, and yes, it is the exact same dresser that is now in Levi's room (the Hemnes from IKEA)!

We also took the little bookshelf out of Levi's room (again because it is white), and moved it down to the playroom where it matches with the rest of the furniture down there and gives us more storage.  Oh, and it also gave us a place to store Gigi's old tv that she also gifted us!  Quite the upgrade from this dinosaur of a tv we used to have down there, huh?!?  Plus, it frees up much more play space down there...well once Josh finally gets some guy from work to come pick up the old clunk of a tv that's still down there ( and at least until Hanukkah/Christmas rolls around).

And finally, our back porch also got a bit of an update due to all these changes.  Levi's former side table is now out there as end tables for our seating...along with another matching table that was already out there.  Levi's is still white, and the other one is blue, so I have to figure out which option I like better...or go with another choice altogether, but I figure I have a few months to work on it!

Our old buffet also landed on the back porch as well, but I'm not positive it's staying there.  What do you all think?  Does it work?  I'm thinking it, at least, needs to be painted or something, but I'm not sure that will even make it work!

So one Saturday morning and just about zero dollars spent, four rooms in our house have now been updated!  Talk about a productive morning, huh?!?  Thanks G for the loot!

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