November 20, 2013

A Few Tweaks

Last week, we moved Levi into his big boy room and I showed you what it looked like.  Well, it didn't look like that for long!  Once the stuff got in there, my decorating bones were itching to get the place finished for him.  We're still not there yet, but I have made a couple small changes on our bath to completeness!
For one, I took the blue/white chevron fabirc off of Levi's lamps.  I loved that fabric, but our his new big boy room is ditching the blue, so I had to come up with something black and white!  I debated a few different things, but in the end, I (after consulting with my sister) just decided to give the lamps the same treatment I had given his fan shade.  As much as I would have loved to try out something unique, I think this makes the room more cohesive!

The other change involved the throw pillow on Levi's bed.  When I was searching for his bedding on Land of Nod, I saw their cute initial pillows.
Well, they're $19 each which isn't terrible.  BUT the blue certainly didn't go with our scheme.  And we had a perfectly good pillow...that did go with our scheme...on hand here.  In fact, our pillow had a fun yellow/white geometric pattern that I thought may be more fun than just a plain white background.  So I cut out a black felt L and attached it to the pillow...and now we have our own (free!) initial pillow.

The other couple changes I have in mind for Levi's new space will probably have to wait until after the holidays when funds are more readily available!!! But I'm pleased with how far the room has come so far, so I'm content to call it complete...for now!!!

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