July 31, 2013

Ice Cream in a Bag

In my first year of teaching, I taught Kindergarten (and then went on to 5 years of first grade before "retiring").  During that year, I pretty much just did what some of the more seasoned teachers told me to do!  And at one point, they told me we were going to make ice cream in a bag.  It was a miserable experience.  It was cold, wet, messy...and I don't think a single of my 20ish Kindergarteners actually ended up with ice cream.
But I decided to add "making ice cream" to our summer to-do list anyway...
And I'm happy to report that this experience was MUCH better (maybe because I only had two children to supervise instead of 20+).  The boys loved it...both the process and the taste, and it made for the perfect stormy, daddy's running late from work activity.  I think there are several different versions of this activity out there, but here's what we did.
You're going to need:

  • gallon Ziploc bag
  • sandwich size Ziploc bag
  • milk (1/2 cup per serving)...or you can use cream
  • sugar (3 tbsp. per serving)
  • vanilla (3 tsp. per serving)...if you want to make vanilla
  • chocolate syrup (just squeeze until you're satisfied)...if you want to make chocolate
  • ice...enough to fill gallon size bag about half way
  • salt (we just used the regular old stuff!)...about 1/4 cup per bag, although a little more could never hurt!
Basically, just put the ice cream ingredients (milk, sugar, and vanilla/chocolate) in the sandwich-size bag and seal it well.  Put it in the gallon-size bag, and fill it with enough ice to reach about half way.  Sprinkle the salt in and then seal that bag up well...really well!
Now for the part the boys loved...shake, shake, shake!

I had read it would take about five minutes, but ours were done in just about 3 or 4.  Remove the sandwich-size bag from the gallon bag and rinse it off.  Eat it right out of the bag (I allowed the boys a few tastes, since it was right before dinner)

Or scoop it into a bowl and dig in (as we did after dinner and baths!)

And if you're extra cute, you can probably get away with stealing your brother's bowl and eating both...

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