June 18, 2013

Daddy/Papa Day

Like most other Americans, we celebrated Father's Day this past Sunday.  It was a really nice day, with time spent with each of the boys' favorite father figures (except their Big Papa (great grandfather) who is, unfortunately, too far away to visit!).  We didn't really do anything that overwhelming/creative/exciting, but I still feel compelled to show you our day, so here we go!
We started the day off by giving Josh his presents.  Let me tell you...and I've told you before... my number 1 problem with not earning a considerable income is that I have a very hard time getting Josh presents.  I would love to be able to spoil him rotten on these special days, but considering I am essentially spending his money to do so, I try to get creative and pull in the reins, all the while showing him just how much we love and appreciate him.  This year, I decided we would each get him something.  Colton has been dying to go golfing with Josh, so he got him a new golf shirt plus one of his own to match (and some superhero boxer shorts that Colton spotted at Target and said daddy HAD to have...funny thing is Colton has never, ever seen any superhero show/movie, etc, but I think there's something inherently in boys that attracts them to these characters because he is currently obsessed!).  Levi got him a gift card to go have a day date with mommy and get a pedicure.  Levi is a bit stressful these days, so we figured it would be best for him to give daddy a way to relax.  Josh has always commented when I go to get pedicures that he would consider trying one, but I figured he would never actually do it, so hopefully with this, he will!  Oh, and Chipper got him some new socks because Chipper takes one of Josh's socks at least daily.  

I got him a dual frame.  On one side, it had the poem that I'm sure you've seen on Pinterest.  I'm not going to write the whole thing out, but the gist is "walk a little slower, daddy...I'm trying to follow you...you're my role model."  I captured this awesome picture a couple weeks ago with that poem in mind and put it on the other side.
After gift-opening (and Colton's swim lessons), we headed to meet my family for brunch.  We went to Tradewinds, which is locally touted as having the best brunch in the area.  If you're local, I would say it's good for sure, but way too much food to be worth it to me!  But with a chocolate fountain, donut maker, and tons of desserts on display, my sweet-tooth children were in heaven.

Plus, they got to spend time with some of their favorite people and enjoy some beautiful scenery.

We came home, took some naps, and then headed over to Josh's parents house for some dinner and play time with their Pop and cousin Gavin.  By the way, they live on a golf course, hence all the golf play things!

So the day wasn't necessarily anything spectacular, but it was time spent with all the dads, papas, and pops that are near and dear to our heart.  And I hope we did a good job of showing Josh just how loved, appreciated, and proud of him we really are.  So I think we can call it a Father's Day success!

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