March 11, 2013

Colton v. Levi: Round 3

After last week's post on my kiddos, I was inspired to elaborate a bit more on the boys' similarities and differences.  I've done a couple of these already (hence the clever post title), and I've enjoyed having them to look back on.  So for posterity sake, let's get going.
Colton at 14 months:
Levi at 14 months:

Physically, I think the boys certainly resemble each other, although Colton clearly has my olive complexion (in fairness, it was summer when he was 14 months, so he had already spent some time at the beach), while Levi unfortunately inherited his daddy's paleness.  I personally can't get over how much more hair Colton had than Levi at this point!  Size-wise, statistically, they are pretty even, but both Josh and I agree that Colton just looks bigger than we feel like Levi is (if that makes sense!).  
As I mentioned in last week's post, Levi is much more temperamental than Colton was.  In fairness, though, I'm thinking some of that may have to do with having another child in the house to contend with.  A lot of Levi's fits start because Colton has something he wants or takes something he has.  Others just start because he's in a bad mood, though!  And when he starts, he's much harder to in virtually impossible sometimes.  When Colton used to fall or something, we would clap our hands and he would bounce right back up...not Levi...he'll lay there and wail until you pick him up...where he continues to wail for a few minutes.
But Levi is also much more animated and interactive than Colton.  Levi laughs a lot.  He gives lots of hugs, kisses, and cuddles.  And he's constantly "running" (more like fast walking/stumbling) around here to get into something!
That may also explain why Levi hasn't taken to the iPad like his big brother did!  It may sound awful, but I can't wait for the days when the iPad can occupy him for a bit, but as of now, he really has no interest (although his brother really doesn't give him much of a chance to explore before yanking it away...).  I looked it up for reference, and Colton was already "using" the iPad at this point...I don't remember what that entailed, but he was using it!
Both boys started walking at about the exact same point, although Levi was a couple weeks earlier than Colton (11 months for Levi, 11 1/2 for Colton).  And in general, Levi does seem to be picking up on other things quicker than I remember Colton doing so (although I didn't necessarily document when Colton did some of these things, so I'm just going on memory)-using a fork/spoon, drinking from a straw (he started at 10 months or so!), going up and down stairs (not walking, just scooting/climbing!).  Verbally, I KNOW Levi is more advanced than Colton was...he already has about 15-20 words, while it probably took Colton until almost two to get there!  Colton always understood things well, though, (ie: could point to body parts, follow directions), and Levi seems to be about equal there!
The two boys also differ vastly in their eating habits.  Colton was, and still is, a very picky eater who won't eat much of anything, even his favorites.  Levi, on the other hand, loves his food.  His favorites are fruits, but he'll eat pretty much anything...and when he really likes something, he'll eat until we force him to stop!  While Colton never really was a big eater, the boy could (and still can) do some drinking...he would sip an entire cup until all gone.  Levi, though, doesn't like to drink.  We've even tried tempting him with juice or adding a little bit of chocolate to his milk and still no bueno...he'll take sips here and there, but doesn't drink nearly as much as I think he should be!
The biggest difference between my two boys?  At 14 months, Colton was already getting ready to be a big brother, while thankfully, Levi is not!!!  I love my two boys, but they can sure be exhausting, and I  honestly have zero itch to add to our clan anytime soon!
We'll just keep on enjoying these two:)

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