January 28, 2013


After hearing the meteorologists around here speak at nauseum about our impending Friday snow, imagine our surprise when it actually arrived...exactly when they said it would (I could honestly hear them gloating on tv as it rolled in).  It started while the boys were napping, but when they woke up, they were eager to get outside in play in it.
 Our first attempt was kind of a strike out.  Not much snow had accumulated yet, but both boys were clearly fascinated to see white stuff falling from the sky.  Levi may have enjoyed it more than Colton; he stayed firmly rooted in one spot (a rarity for him!) and just watched it fall from the sky.

We only stayed out for a couple minutes, but after a couple more hours, the boys were anxious to play so headed back out.  This time, there were a good couple inches on the ground  and the boys were thrilled to play in it.  Per his request, Colton read The Snowy Day at least 5 times over the last few days.  When he finally got his own chance to play out in the snow, he was amazed to actually see his own little feet making tracks in the snow. Levi still remained stuck pretty firm in his spot...but with a huge smile on his face!  It was already dark, though, so again after just about 15 minutes we headed back in!

In my world, playing in the snow should be followed by drinking hot chocolate...so we did!

Saturday was a much better day for actual playing in the snow considering there was actual daylight.  Finally, the boys got to do all the traditional fun in the snow stuff...snowballs, snowmen, snow boogie boarding.  They were in heaven!  (for about 15 minutes...turns out they're good ole Southern boys!).

But luckily thanks to the wonder that is Pinterest our fun with the snow didn't end once we got inside.  I had seen all these fun snow day activities over the past few months, but didn't know if we would ever get a chance to try them out!  Alas, snow painting (yes we used an old, cleaned out Windex bottle...don't judge)and homemade snow ice cream are now activities we can check off our bucket list (and hopefully ones we will get to repeat in future winters!).

With temperatures hovering around freezing over the weekend, our snow remained, but honestly now I'm a bit over it!  I'm glad the boys got to experience snow, but thank goodness the sun and warmth are supposed to return.  Winter, you can leave now...

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