December 19, 2012

Our Happennings

After spending all of last week sharing some holiday decor projects with you, I feel like I have left you in the dark with some other things that have been going on in our humble abode.  So let's get you updated, shall we...

* Most excitingly, Levi is walking!  He is still rocking the drunk man walk in which he gets a few good steps in, wobbles for a few more, and then falls, but he is progressing quickly.  I know it really won't be long now until both boys are chasing themselves through our house and I begin drinking wine at noon each day to tolerate the chaos.

* We got Chipper that much-needed hair cut he was promised.  He also had a vet appointment the same day and checked out in perfect health.  Woo hoo!

*Colton was in his first performance last week...a Hanukkah production at his school.  I was convinced he would run off the stage crying, so while no talent agency will be calling us any time soon, I am pretty proud of the fact that he stood up there in front of 200ish faces and did his thing (and later picked his nose during the finale...).
*Speaking of Hanukkah, my ridiculously spoiled children have had a blast celebrating for the eight nights.  As exciting as opening the presents were, it was really nice to watch Colton get as excited to light the menorah and to hear Colton attempt to say the blessing each night.

*And second most excitingly, I am in my Fantasy Football League's Super Bowl this weekend!?!  Now I'm not saying I am a football moron (I actually was raised watching it, so I pretty much know my stuff), but I definitely don't spend as much time or energy on this stuff as some of the other members of my brother, my brother-in-law, my husband! So it strikes me as hilarious that I have made it to the Super Bowl. Better yet, I am actually playing my sister in the championship, and we have both agreed to just split the prize money ($450 for first, $100 for second), guaranteeing me $275.  I'm so excited, especially as it comes right in time for Christmas...and I now actually have my own money to purchase my husband a gift with (and maybe even have a little left over to get myself something!).  Woot woot!

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