December 27, 2012


I HAVE to bombard you with pictures of our Christmas in action.
The fun started Christmas Eve with most of the people we love most coming over to our house for some revelry.  Naturally, the boys were totally spoiled with attention.  They opened up one gift pj's...and basically ran/drunk walked (Levi) around getting totally wound up for a few hours.

After the boys were tucked snugly in bed, the assembly team (Josh, sister's boyfriend, sister's boyfriend's friend) got to work. Luckily for them, this year's job wasn't nearly as involved as last year's.  Naturally, I sat on the couch with the ladies, chatted, drank some wine, and laughed at the men's was good times!

Christmas morning arrived and Colton was quite excited to get the day started.  He woke up at 6AM, but luckily seemed appeased to come spend some time in bed with us because Levi managed to sleep until 7 (I'm telling you these boys are conspiring against us already because that was the first day Levi had slept in in FOREVER, while Colton rarely wakes up before 7...couldn't just both do it for one day?!?).  Once Levi was up, it was time for the big moment.  We figured the big club house would be the big hit of the morning, and we were pretty much dead on.

But the boys also enjoyed their other gifts (a choo choo, scooter, iPad crayon, and winter hat for Colton, and a play vacuum, bath crayons, clothes, and a winter hat for Levi...keep in mind these kids already had 8 nights of Hanukkah!).  

Later in the morning, they moved on to the stockings.  Colton was really thrilled with those and quickly took over the duty of passing out the goodies to his two brothers.

Once that fun had died down a bit, we dug into our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of cinnamon buns.  They were a big hit...especially with Levi (the boy loves his food!).

After breakfast, Josh began the tedious process of putting Colton's choo choo together.  An hour later, he was thrilled to play with it!

A half hour later the track was in a bajillion pieces again...
After much-needed naps, the boys got ready to head to their grandparents' house for Christmas round 2.  At first, Josh's mom wanted to open gifts 1 person at a time...starting with the oldest and working down to the youngest, with everyone watching.  My 2-year-old didn't really understand why he wasn't allowed to open any presents, but sat still as a statue waiting his turn...
Thank goodness that plan seemed to go by the wayside pretty quickly, and the boys (well, Colton...I had to open Levi's for him) were eager to tear into their next round of presents.

Overall it was a pretty fantastic family Christmas...
Made even more special by the fact that it was our sweet Levi's very first...
And now 50ish pictures later, we can safely say you got a nice glimpse into our Christmas!  Hope yours was full of love, fun, and food too!

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