December 6, 2012

Levi Shane: 11 Months

Well, this is it!  My last official baby update as starting next month, my "baby" will be a whole year old and thus considered a toddler.  I mean, really...where did this year go?  I guess with a face like this to greet you each day (and the utter chaos and commotion that we now live in with two boys under one roof), time flies!
Levi was extremely uninterested in getting his picture taken this month, so we had to result to a little bit of chasing him around the room with the calendar.  The result is not as good as I had hoped, but it will certainly work...

At 11 months, Levi is a fun, happy baby.  The boy does not stop moving and playing, but does so with a constant smile on his face.  Levi has taken a couple accidental steps here and there, but is not yet walking.  We have also caught him standing unassisted for lengths of time, but usually my squeal of delight seems to end that!  Lately we have discovered that Levi loves to dance with mom, kicking his legs in joy as he rocks back and forth!  Levi is a big giggler as well, laughing constantly at his brother's antics.  He is also quite ticklish, so a little belly rub is sure to illicit squeals of joy.
As for language, we are fairly certain Levi is saying "mama" and "dada," as in he uses them when he sees us and not just babbling.  He doesn't necessarily imitate us, but does love to do so when Colton makes noises, especially if Colton yells or screams...he really likes volume contests it seems (sounds fun for the future, huh?).
Levi is most definitely a momma's boy.  He is at my side constantly and cries hysterically if I leave when he doesn't want me to...we're working on easing him out of that somehow cause mom needs to make dinner, get dressed, etc. every once in a while!
Levi is such a sweet, cuddly baby with a big personality.  As he begins to get more mobile, verbal, and independent, I can't wait to see how he begins to take on the world.  I have a feeling it's going to be quite the adventure!

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